Don’t forget the warning triangle and safety vest

It looks mind these days’ only beaches on the Black Kettle local or other horizons of full sun, exotic? Until you get there, you have to do one very important thing: to prepare with the utmost diligence trip. Don’t forget the warning triangle and safety reflective vest when you go on holiday.


Once, in a previous issue of the newspaper Freedom, Auto Bald specialists gave us tips advised on checking the technical condition of the car today deals with two aspects as important: comfort and safety during its journey, because dream holiday can begin under the best auspices.


Compulsory equipment

For your safety and all passengers in the car, you must ensure that you have the following equipment:

Triangles and first aid kit are mandatory in our country, but you need to travel abroad and safety vest.

Tools suitable they can be helpful for minor defects, while a tow rope can prove useful in case of serious damage.

Power cables, fuses, spare bulbs and a flashlight are items that should not miss on board during the trip.

For remote areas, a full fuel canister may prove salutary, but attention! – Ferry and in Greece it is prohibited.


Practical accessories

Often travel takes longer than you planned. In this case, a range of accessories and reflective tape can be very useful. For example:

A car fridge can prove extremely useful. It keeps drinks cold and food fresh.

A DVD player which can be mounted on the headrest will help children in the backseat to spend time more enjoyable.

For machines that do not have windows with thermal protection, may prove very useful application of solar film on side windows and rear window.

A navigation system helps a lot to orientation in a foreign country, being especially useful in finding alternative routes in case of traffic jams or road sections closed.

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