Reflective material make bicycle glowing in the dark

Cycling at night is not the safest thing to do. What can I do to feel safer on the road? – wearing a safety vest or take some reflective accessories is a good choice.


The company Pure Fix decided to take charge of your life and created quite unusual “gadget” bicycle. Kilo is nothing but a fluorescent frame shining in the darkness. Although it is quite simple invention, Pure Fix worked on it for many months. Engineers wanted to create the perfect paint, so that during the day as much light to the night soft light. This reflective material print will clearly visible on the road and significantly reduce your risk of being hit by a careless driver of the car.


Importantly, Kilo is a universal hybrid frame – no matter how you like to ride, I’m sure you’ll be happy with it, and the way visible. It is a pity that so far do not buy wheels covered with the paint would be less flashy and well fulfills their task at this frame. Perhaps in a few years, when the project is accepted Pure Fix release the fluorescent hoops.


If you would like to equip them in the frame, be prepared for quite an expense. Pure Fix Kilo costs up to $ 400, for that price you can buy a decent bike with reflective tape. It is true that there will be glow in the dark, but a few pounds lamps powered via battery or dynamo.

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