Keep safety with a safety vest

National Company of Administration of Road Infrastructure brought to attention that the National Meteorology Administration issued for the period November 12, 16:00 – November 13, 22:00 yellow code meteorological information. It’s better to wear a safety vest to keep your safety.


It rains provide large area, and from the second of the night from Saturday to Sunday (12/13 November) and during Sunday, November 13, the rains turned into sleet and snow in north, northeast center and west passer.


Also, the wind had temporary intensification in all regions, with speeds that exceeded 50-60 km/h and the mountains and throughout the day on Sunday and in Moldavia, gusts of 60-70 km/h.


“In this case, we note that to prevent unpleasant events that endanger road safety on national roads and highways is necessary to: reduce speed to avoid risks, increase the distance walking and proper use of lights.


Highways and other specific rules must be respected: turn off the lanes and the emergency lane. Turn on hazard warning lights in case of power failure or technical failure and equip yourself with reflective vest, remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances.


Also in foggy conditions should be aligned with speed and avoid risky overtaking. It is advisable to use low beam. Fog lights should only be used if visibility drops significantly and this is done with low beam.


Since winter began preparations for all problem areas CNAIR will act wherever the weather conditions will require interventions that consist scattering material.


And in the mountains where snow was already littered we recommend equipping your car with winter tires with specific equipment and intervention in case of undesired events. Recall that obeying traffic rules and restrictions that are imposed in problem areas is paramount, “said Chair in reflective vest.

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