Reflective clothing – a gift idea for an athlete

Most of us already have at least chosen gifts, but if you have yet to come shopping, a list of gifts ideal for the athlete. Today we look at the glare, because they are inexpensive, their choice is very rich and they are really useful. That is why the reflective fabric clothes are perfect for a gift.


Gadgets reflector can save the life of a runner!

Poles are becoming more active. Freezing temperatures, dark, even the rain cannot pull thousands of compatriots from daily workouts. Movements before work or after returning home is the best way to relax and get some distance are professional affairs. Who moves, gaining strength, good figure and well-being? Unfortunately, still too rare in the practice of dispute you think of your own safety. Although active already learned to choose the right clothes and shoes to ensure maximum comfort and to protect against injuries, but the need to provide suitable visibility after dark is unfortunately still treated with neglect.


– Cyclists and runners often move in urban traffic. Dark tracksuit and adverse weather conditions make them after dark almost invisible to drivers. Even at low speed braking distance it is so long that the teacher does not allow the car to perform any maneuver that allows you to avoid an accident. Establishment of reflection improves the visibility of 30-40 m up to 150 m. As a result, the driver has time to slow down or get past a pedestrian or cyclist. – Says Anita from an online store with reflective accessories for active people.


Glare and law

Not everyone also knows that wearing reflectors in the dark is mandatory outside built-up areas, and their lack of police may impose a fine of up to 500. But this is not the vision of a penalty, and concern for safety should prompt the athletes or their friends (or relatives) to purchase wristbands. Christmas is a traditional time when looking for gifts. Buying reflectors or LED components can be certain that it will hit a gift that will please the recipient and will certainly be used.


The market is a whole group of glare universal for people practicing sports such as: Self-tie, suspenders reflective safety vest, reflective shirts, caps reflective. For runners, cyclists and Nordic walking can choose dedicated gadgets reflective, which take into account the needs of each of these groups of athletes.


Reflectors for runners

Reflective basic equipment for a runner can be a t-shirt with reflective stripes fluorescent, glowing laces for shoes and caps LED shoes. This kit can be supplemented with a reflective tube, which is very popular, that due to the multiple application. It can be done balaclava, scarf, tie on the wrist, used as hair bands, or bands. For runners, it’s useful with using a flexible reflective band and pouch for keys or phone. Fashionably, safely and practically are high-quality reflective products useful to each active person.


Reflectors for cyclists

Cyclists can successfully use reflective goodies for runners. They should, however, focus is also supplied in the glare of the bicycle. – The basic thing is the flag. In addition it should think about the overlay led mounted on silicone hooks. It’s a great product. It is visible even from 400 m and it can be hung on the frame, basket, or circle. Designed for cyclists they are also balls and sticks on the spokes and various LED lights cycle.


Gadgets reflective for practicing Nordic walking

This group of physically active must above all have good visible clothing. For them there are different reflective vest, shirts, jackets soft-shell finer and various useful gadgets. A good gift can be e.g. reflective cover on the cell, a set of clips reflecting on the leg or different colored bands.


Reflectors are essential for athletes, but really useful to us all. Self-band can be thrown into the bag and, if necessary, quickly set up. Children will enjoy the pendants or reflective ring.

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