Winter’s outfits of reflective fabric

The Indian summer we started to doubt if we had to pick up winter clothes of reflective fabric it off the shelf, but now the cold has already arrived. Then you are best equipped hot cycling clothes. We already investigated several showpieces of Endure, North wave, rah + and Specialized. Let the snow come!


The color trend of the summer season seems set to continue into the winter range. Bright red, bright yellow and striking fluorescent safety vest will make you be noticed on a dark autumn day. The latest technologies such as all-way stretch fabrics, specific chamois, and drop seats’ for the ladies and photo chromic lenses are back in action. Especially the perfect fit all the creations make us happy. Winter clothing should not stop wringing or rubbing in places where you have rather not, but should feel like a light summer look like you’re wearing nothing. Oh yes, rain and wind do not stand a chance, for it is fully focused on water- and windproof.


Who wants to play it safe, can choose relatively quiet design. Frogs show will again find their liking in the flashy designs. Which are also suitable for cyclists who ride regularly in the dark? Factor in even generously provided with reflective strips and everyone will see you coming from kilometers away.


Create a warm teethe, kindle the fire in the stove, look at the cyclotrons and set here together your dream outfit. The photo shoot took place in and around the brand new Sven Nays in Baal Cycling Center. You can now find it pretty decorated experience center with Pub Vela and the challenging cross and MTB trail.

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