Trek send safety message to the world

The riders of Trek were not only during the Japan Cup because it was Fabians last race, but also by bike and high visibility vest. Pull wants to deliver a message that visibility is very important for the safety of cyclists.


Increase the safety of cyclists is one of the considerations for Trek. The American company recently launched the results of a study that is ongoing on the visibility of cyclists, in cooperation works with students at Clemson University. This shows that cycling the distance at which they expect to be seen by motorists overestimate dramatically. These results formed the basis for the safety message that wanted to give Trek.


The ABC of awareness consists of ‘Always on’ (driving with light, day – specific ‘daylight running’ flashing lights – and in the dark), “Promotion ‘ (highlight the moving body parts) and ‘ Contrast ‘ (fluorescent daytime reflecting in low light). These are the simple steps that can take any cyclist to increase its visibility.


The special outfit of reflective fabric and bike riders from Trek used during the Japan Cup serves as a reminder for all cyclists of the importance of contrasting colors. According to a survey in 2015 at the Danish University of Aalborg can reduce a cyclist wearing fluorescent colors daytime risk of an accident by 53 percent. After the Japan Cup, the team will continue to wear that outfit for the training. Starting next spring, the outfit will be offered for sale to consumers. Bondage does offer a whole range of high visibility clothing on, with ‘daytime running lights’, slightly aimed not only at ensuring overnight security, but also during the day, a special flashing pattern of reflective material, with appropriate light and -strength. The bikes are available immediately or as Project One.

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