Safety vest: So your children will be better seen

See and be seen – this is how it works at the celebrities. Not a bad motto. There is now the time when it is especially important that the little ones are seen in time!


3 things you need to know

Children without reflective clothing are seen by drivers so late that they may not be able to brake in time.

Reflective elements are easy to retrofit.

For school bags and safety clothing pay attention to the DIN standard.


“In the winter, twice as many children are on their way to school as in the summer, and the banal reason in many cases is that car drivers see the child too late, but the children are not aware of this.

As soon as first-graders see a driving car, they are convinced that they are also seen by the driver. The insight that there is a big difference between seeing and seeing is fully developed only at the age of eight.”


A child who is darkly dressed sees a driver only at a distance of about 30 meters, brightly clad is it with 40 meters just 10 meters more. Compared to how long a car needs to stop, this is – depending on the speed – in many cases too late! If the child carries a reflective safety vest, it is about 130 meters wide! This is enough for a driver at 100 km / h to brake in time.


This will enlighten your child

For school bags and clothing, which should reflect properly, it is important to pay attention to the DIN standard. For the satchels it is called DIN 58124, for clothing DIN EN 13356.

If the children are to be well visible with normal clothing, they can be easily retrofitted: reflex tapes, reflective vests, reflex safety collars or reflective patches – the choice is great.


In times of the LED you will also find many garments and gadgets that glow and flash: caps, chains, rings, glowing shoe bands. To the visibility of the reflector strips do not come.

And then we have a tip that has nothing to do with the clothes: Give your child plenty of time for the school way! When the little ones get away in time, they are not under pressure.


Short Summary

In autumn and winter, children are very difficult to spot on the road. Only with reflectors do drivers have a chance at all. There are many ways to light up the little ones – even for school bags and safety clothing even special DIN standards.

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