Safety clothing for kindergartens

The Protestant and Catholic kindergarten in Kriftel can look forward to reflective fabric safety collar, donated by local recumbent HP Velotechnik. The manufacturer thus also sponsors for the German road safety organization, which in Germany distributes the bright yellow and equipped with reflectors protective clothing these days.


“That’s now at this season just right,” rejoiced the head of the Kita Bird’s Nest, warm beer. The throws are future kindergarten group on their trips in and around Kriftel – the hometown of HP Velotechnik CEO Paul and it’s also born there partner Daniel – accompany.

As bike manufacturer HP Velotechnik have an outstanding interest in the topic road safety, it is from Kriftel. Special attention had both managing directors decided in consultation with the Traffic Watch that they were allowed to pass the V-shaped safety vest. Throws targeted in their home community.

According to the Road Safety Media & service center the children’s facilities in Main-Taunus are particularly active. Around 3,000 of warning safety clothing they had ordered. For all of Hesse, estimate the traffic guard, be it this year 20,000 to 30,000, all paid for by sponsors.

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