The yellow vest is equipped for motor cyclers

Like motorists, drivers of a motor vehicle with two or three wheels must be equipped with a high visibility vest when traveling.


From 1st January 2016, all drivers of a motor vehicle with two or three wheels (motorcycle, scooter …) or a quadricycle without fairing engine will have a high visibility vest commonly called “yellow vest.” Professionals who use these means of transport as part of their work (errands, deliveries …) are no exception to the rule. Indeed, they must have this vest on them or in their vehicle storage (net, safe …). In addition, they must take before leaving their vehicles in case of immobilization on the carriageway or its surroundings after an emergency stop.


And watch out, the driver who does not respect these new obligations will be punished criminally. Not holding the yellow vest will be liable to a fine of € 11 (up to € 38) while forgetting to put on the safety vest when leaving the vehicle after a stop emergency will be fined € 135 (up to € 750).


However, exceptionally, the police court may decide to make the employer responsible for the payment of fines. Indeed, given the circumstances and the driver’s working conditions (pressure from the employer to shorten delivery times, for example), the fine may be paid in whole or in part by the employer -even as long as it was cited at the hearing.


Be careful to bring your delivery to PTWs a safety reflective vest from next year!

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