See where access wristbands can be raised and what recommendations were policemen

reflective vest

A day left until the most anticipated music festival in Romania and the first Untold fans have already started to arrive in Cluj. Organizers with reflective vest have announced that access wristbands can be raised from today, but only personal.
Untold Festival will begin Thursday morning in Cluj-Napoca, and the first fans have already started to arrive in the current European Youth Capital.
People who have already bought more than 30,000 subscriptions for this festival are expected to change the bracelets starting this afternoon at 17:00 at the entrance to Central Park. Unpleasant surprise for fans is that wristbands cannot be taken for other people. “The bracelets should be put in the hands of the person with the ticket. A bracelet cannot be taken down “, organizers with reflective tape announced.
On the other hand, the police presented a list of recommendations they have for participating in the festival, primarily in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
“Take care of the goods you have on you when you are in the crowd. Be cautious in dealing with persons known to happen! Do not bind friendships with people who exhibit deviant behavior. Do not accept drinks, cigarettes or food from strangers or little information about you or that you have met shortly violence not answer the challenges and try to avoid conflicts. Do not drink too much alcohol or prohibited substances and do not get involved in verbal disputes that can degenerate. Do not participate in illegal gambling, organized by the naivete of those who profit tempted by the easy earnings and sensed immediately by police. When you participate in festivals and stay overnight in a tent, choose to camp in specially designated camping stations! Move away from where you stopped, do not leave valuables inside!
If you’re driving in areas where public events are held, observe road police, leave vehicles in parking areas or at night, the illuminated areas. Do not keep the cars on view, valuables Before starting a long trip by car, check its status, established accurately route and make sure you have your mandatory documents. Do not start the road weary, seat belt use and, when appropriate, the child seat! Keep the car safety vest and warning triangles, fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
When you accompany children, do not leave them unattended, teach them that were allowed to leave only with your permission and that we must always tell where and with whom leave! Teach children how to react in case err, make sure they know the full name of parents, phone number, and address them. When you are witnessing antisocial or have been the victim of a crime, do not hesitate to contact the nearest police squad or call free single emergency number 112! “Cluj police representatives are recommendations for the next four days.

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