Summer: The need to consider foreign motorists

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Munich, June 10, 2013
Do you know that too? When holiday preparations you have thought of everything: papers, technical checks of cars and catering. But on the last rest stop before the border you’re wondering how this is actually with vignette and safety vest. And what traffic rules and there is in the destination country and especially the penalties for non-compliance? We have summarized the advice Automobilckubs ADAC and the Central Association of the German Motor Trade (ZDK).
Two varieties toll
Let’s start with the motorway toll: In France, Italy and Spain must be paid for each kilometer. To avoid congestion at the ticket booth, there are many electronic solutions, but which should be concerned in advance of the trip. Countries such as Austria and Switzerland have vignettes that must be adhered to the windshield. Important: Still may incur separate charges for single tunnels or bridges.
Handle for safety vest
An often forgotten is the high visibility reflective vest compulsory. In Germany, it does not exist (yet), just as in the popular holiday destination Netherlands. Quite different in Austria: Here is both a windfall and a compulsory wearing. Disregard costs 14 Euro. Similarly, in France, where even 90 euros is due. Also in Croatia must be taken and carried in doubt a vest. A special case is Italy. Here, any person leaving the car, wearing a safety vest. This does not happen, at least 38 € will be charged per person. For the non-carrying, there is no penalty. Tip: Cover to home low one, to border service stations the west cost, easy fourfold.
Stay away from alcohol!
Speaking fourfold costs: In the popular holiday countries, fines may turn out to be juicy. If you drive about 20 km / h fast, charged in Italy around 160 euros. Drunk driving and without reflective tape there costs 500 Euro, in Denmark even have a net monthly wage. Fines threaten for driving without lights. In Germany, Switzerland and France driving is recommended on the day with light, in 21 other European countries, it is mandatory. It covers inter alia Italy, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Important: From a height of 70 Euro EU fines to be recovered in Germany. Keyword speed limit: Here usually applies 130 km / h on the highway, 90 km / h on the highway and 50 in town pace. Nevertheless, there may be exceptions, so it is worth looking at the signs at the border crossing.

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