Open Day in a separate battalion DPS traffic police in the Republic of Crimea

safety vest

April 9, 2016 separate battalion DPS traffic police in the Republic of Crimea has opened the doors for employees’ children!
Young guests we wearing safety vest were welcomed by the inspectors DPS unit ON, who welcomed children and spoke about the peculiarities of life in the traffic police, than live this unit and told about the specifics of the work of police.
Unusual tour began with a visit to the duty unit, where children learn how to collect information about traffic accidents, theft or hijacking of vehicles as a means of radio communication takes place DPS inspectors carrying service with the duty part of the guys enthusiastically considered reflective vest, wands, trying on vests.
During the tour through the building of a separate battalion of young visitors visited the offices where their parents work, but the staff work is not limited to the workplace.
Of particular interest in the eyes of the kids appeared at the moment of acquaintance with the patrol car traffic police. Unforgettable impressions brought granted the opportunity to sit in special vehicles to take advantage of the SSU (stationary speaker device), to include flashing beacons and a special sound.
But on this fascinating tour is not over, the road was in a classroom! Games, quizzes, puzzles, crossword puzzles, watching themed cartoons! This is what awaited them there! And deliver, as it turned out, a lot of joy!
By participating in a quiz on traffic rules, children have shown that already know a lot about road safety. They correctly answered questions, recognized signs. And how could it be otherwise, who does not like their parents know how important it is from an early age to instill a culture of literacy kids and polite behavior on the roads.
Completed children’s holiday sweet table and gifts, the children presented the badges to the retro reflective element, they immediately attached on of clothes, as well as whistles, booming sounds which sounded unusually fun corridors battalion.
Boys and girls during the tour learned a lot, gained a lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions, convinced that monitor the safety on the road – it is a complex and interesting work. Perhaps this is one of those guys will continue the family dynasty, choosing difficult, but very necessary profession traffic police!

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