Appear in traffic – put reflectors on swing

reflective vest

For the first time now 1.10. Organized reflector day to remind that each is the time to dig out the reflectors and looks great – up to now. Reflector period, the campaign is done, inter alia, foreign, print and online advertising.
Every other Finnish to use a reflective vest. The reflector will increase the visibility and safety at night while moving pedestrian. Therefore, the Traffic Safety calls on all pay reflector – up to now.
Traffic Safety in Finland followed by driving behavior and the utilization rate of the reflector annually. observation in the dark and at dusk studies in the fall of 2012 found that 51 percent of pedestrians used the reflectors in urban areas.
of respondents in the same survey 38 per cent of motorists said that they often have difficulties observed in the dark without a reflector moving pedestrians. Every second reported the discovery to have been difficult, at least sometimes.
Visibility gives protection
nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities occurred at night or in low light.
In 2011, traffic accident investigation board investigating 20 in the dark or low light conditions occurred pedestrian deaths. Of these, three out of four (14) did not use a reflector. Using a safety vest with reflector would be six different probability of counting could be saved from death.
The darkest time of the year, between October and January occurred in 43 per cent of pedestrians all injuries. Injuries occurred at pedestrian crossings In particular, focused on these months.
Use a reflector correctly
Internationally, as seen from the Finnish reflector figures are phenomenal, since the reflector is an unknown phenomenon in many European countries.
Today, the reflector has a wide selection, and a suitable reflector is easy to find and elegant position. Reflectors has become a way of communicating their own interests, style and valuations.
This autumn’s definitely the most innovative reflectors are Ilkka Suppanen handiwork. Conveniently around your wrist clickable jousiheijastimista has come to light reflective jewelry, which can be used like a piece of jewelry as accessory also has an indoor and daylight hours.
Attach the Hanging knee height of the road’s side. The reflector like reflective tape must get to swing freely up and running, as well as forward, backward and sideways.
Also, stretch spring or a reflector attached to one side of the road onto the wrist or forearm.
The more reflectors are used, the better the driver can see in the dark or in low light passing pedestrian. attached to both sides of the reflectors will help motorists to perceive the way the hiker also in the width direction.

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