The parents grew tired of the dark and dangerous school trip – will come up with how a student can be “Taikaviitta” on

safety vest

Verdant hill in Kuopio school parents patrolling the school side of the road, distributed playful fines and bribed sucker. Within a week, nearly every kind of primary schools had taken a reflective vest vakiovarustuksekseen.
Dark accessible by car, no sidewalks, surrounded by forest. Wet road absorbs all light. Traffic from a lot. Under such conditions, fold Vehmas hill in Kuopio types of mobile primary school every morning.
This autumn school parents decided to take steps that bring to school safer. The PTA Vehmakat began a campaign that attempted to get to every pupil “Taikaviitta” in the neck.
After the first morning of the parents were standing by the road ratsaamassa school, more than half of the children were on the move without a reflective vest. They were handed to the vest shape dissected playful fine labels to take home. Liivillisille distributed lollipops and chocolate buttons.
The second and on the third morning, the situation was much better. Without the vest have passed now were also vests. On the fourth day the students were free to pimp the school reflector vests.
On the fifth day the parents were given pleasure to note that only the individual children were no longer come to school without jackets.
– It was there, among the few änkkäpänkkä, who came every morning without the safety garment, although it can be found in the home. It is good, that is rebellion, but now rebel against the wrong place, sharpen Tuomo Paavola part of the parents’ association.
The campaign expects to continue
President of the Parents’ Association Anne Vihonen says the rapture came out of concern for the safety of children. Most of the transport routes passing among the school bus services and the recently part of katuvaloistakin has been broken, visibility has been particularly bad.
– Every motorist knows that the children can not see without a reflective tape or clothing, says Tuomo Paavola.
One that parents rapture is delighted particular, is operating on Vehmas The hill school driver Paula Puustinen. He likes children’s journeys to a “real dangerous” and hopes that the campaign will be continued.
And it receives: parents tell their intention to reward its monthly school class, which is to remember to keep the best vests above. For this purpose, the categories have lists of names, which vests keepers register. In addition, spot checks are to be conducted traveled to school arm in the future.
– That’s what I’m going to stick with that I like reflective vest every single day, vowed to one koulukkaista, Anni-Maria Kosunen on Tuesday, a week after the start of the campaign.
Tuomo Paavola by now that reflective vest thing has been resolved, parents take their next objective of increasing bicycle helmets.
Repair 20.14: Parents’ Association’s name is Vehmakat, not Vehmakot, such as read a story in the original version. The president’s name is Anne and Anna Vihonen.

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