Siiri Taikaviitta already inspired over ten thousand Finns – “cool to be embarrassed”

reflective vest

Safety vest can keep embarrassed or inexpensive life insurance. Siiri Saarinen’s mouth turned into a reflective vest Taikaviitta. One woman has received a positive campaign, thousands of people excited.
Orimattilalaisesta Siiri Saarinen, 24, is in a few days become the kingdom of reflectors on an unofficial spokesperson. Saarinen founded by Facebook a few days ago to encourage the use of the reflector group, which is associated with more than ten thousand people.
People share a group of photos of themselves, their children and pets reflective vests. Many tell themselves decorating their reflectors as a Christmas tree.
The group idea is that even if the use of reflectors would be embarrassing to someone believes that, in this case, it is cool and clever to be embarrassed, says Saarinen set up a group.
– We encourage people to look “taikaviittoihin”. People have put a huge amount of pictures heijastinvarusteistaan ​​and the nature of the tamineissa iikkuvat dark outside. Positive comments have become a freak, which is great!
Taikaviitoilla Saarinen means reflector vests. Stimulus for the creation of the group came when Saarinen was forced to explain its use of reflectors on them noloiksi appointing the parent of a small child.
The mother of his child: reflective vest is an embarrassment
Saarinen is home to a couple of kilometers from the center of Orimattila. He jogs mäyräkoiriensa with Matin and Niilo often unlit trails.
For your own, pet and other road users Saarinen has acquired for itself and koirilleen reflective vests, which is worn out before the departure.
Last week, outdoor pursuits came against the situation that left Saarinen’s breath away.
– I went for a walk with the dogs. Against came from the mother and the little boy who asked me what my dog ​​is on. Boy praised the dog flashing heijastinpantaa tidy and fine. Then the boy asked what I myself have a site, Saarinen times.
He was, as usual, pulled onto the outdoor jacket reflective vest.
– I was responsible for a child that is upon Taikaviitta, so cars can see me in the dark. Son hihkui joy and screamed to her mother that wants the same. Mother replied to his son, that ‘you must not’ and ‘it’s embarrassing. ”
Saarinen mother’s reaction was incomprehensible. He went on so confused that it could not say anything, but later wrote in an encounter on Facebook.
Since then, Saarinen’s posting, is divided into twelve thousand times.
Saarinen’s view, far too few people use the Finnish reflector. Him a key role in the spread of cheap life insurance are the adults and the children’s parents.
– When I was actually in elementary school, it was humiliating to be on top of Taikaviitta. One of the reflective tape was able to put on a jacket with long teeth. I would hope that the attitude of the education and road safety works would leave the parents. If an adult finds it embarrassing to use magic refers, it is also embarrassing for the child’s mind.
Lots of dark rolling Saarinen recalls that the use of the reflector is also a consideration. He is scared myself more than once, when the vehicle is in the spotlight human being appeared out of the darkness.

– In the run out of oxygen and feel that your heart beats between a pair of leaves. It seems that maybe one out of ten Seafarers shall reflectors.
Saarinen distributed reflector post about the incident, and was founded by Taikaviitta – cleans up the group to be embarrassed because of hopes that nolousajatuksista related to the use heijastenten get rid of people and undertake to keep the reflectors smart accessory.
He finds it great that so many signed by the idea of ​​the importance of reflectors and reflector have shared your picture groups.


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