Since 2016 is mandatory carriage of reflective vests in private vehicles

safety vest

Security measure seeks to reduce the risk of abuse due to lack of visibility. Fines would reach $ 22 billion.

From January 1, 2016 will begin to be mandatory carrying of high visibility reflective vest inside private vehicles. The measure aims to reduce the risk of collision with drivers for some emergency must descend from his car.

Undersecretary of Transport, Cristián Bowen, told T13 a person without an accessory of these features is visible to twenty meters, with the vest since it is possible to spot it at 150 meters.

On the characteristics that must have safety vest, Bowen said that no matter the color and “the important thing is that fluoresce and also has reflective elements.”

“It’s the cheapest life insurance I know,” he added.

Fines for not carrying the article will be about $ 22 billion and Undersecretary explained that it is important that this be carried into the cabin of the car to avoid the risk of go get the luggage rack.

The entry into force of the legislation requiring wear the safety vest in the car caused a real ‘fever’ to acquire it. To the extent that trade, or are not, or are very expensive to buy retail neighborhoods.

Several small commercial showed their anger at the high price in the wholesale selling these security features.

This situation raises the price that sellers transferred to motorists is higher. “To sell a $ 10 thousand people already gloating and prefers to look much cheaper. If we invest and people want cheaper, we will stay with the merchandise, “said a retailer of Concepcion.

In this regard, the Minister of Transport, Andrés Gómez-Lobo, said that the call to buy them took place more than a year ago, so those who acquire it at the last minute, they have to stick to its high price.

Denounced as small commercial, in the main distributors of the capital, located in street Bascuñán Guerrero, the price of the reflective tape by each has reached the $ 4,000 and wholesale, the minimum part in 200 units. Trade in detail, the price can exceed $ 15,000.

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