The reflector works best for your body in the correct position

reflective clothing

In the dark movable reflectors should be more than one. Korumaiset reflective vest are not always effective. The reflector should be taken for a period for at least a night loop, reminiscent of Traffic Safety.

“One of the reflector is not enough really to anyone. Reflectors should be on both sides of the body, so that a pedestrian is shown a pedestrian crossing in every direction. Road crossings for pedestrians are most at risk point,” says Traffic Safety Liaison Manager Leena Piippa Jyväskylä transport security.

Reflectors in the right place is about half a meter in height. Dependent adult reflector should be located at the level of the knee. Also, wrists, and ankles are good places to reflectors.

“The sneakers reflectors are well separated on the streets of the reflector in the calculation,” says Piippa. Although the bicycle has reflectors statutory, worth a cyclist in addition to introducing even be attached around the ankle reflectors.”This rotary motion is displayed to motorists,” Piippa advises. Oman also reflected the throne in need of pets. Half of the people moving in urban survey conducted by the Traffic Safety in 2013, according to use a reflector.

Small children reflector can be, for example, on the back or shoulder. For children the most practical option is sew clothes reflective tape that do not get caught playing.

Piippa thinks that katuvalottomalla in rural areas of the reflector need for greater awareness than in the cities. Reflector acquisition of the package you should verify that the product bears the CE marking. The marking of the product the manufacturer declares that the product satisfies the requirements of reflectors.

“In addition, the package must be found in the manufacturer’s name, the type of check carried facility information in both Finnish and Swedish instructions for use,” says Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) Product Safety Engineer Merja Rajamäki.

Tukes monitors available on the market reflected by a random selection. The last batch of larger reflectors were tested in 2010. At that time, 40 of 19 tested products were pulled from the market because they did not meet the safety requirements.

“There is quite a lot of products sold as jewelry, which do not meet the requirements of the reflectors. In this case, the product must clearly indicate that the product is not a PPE, and that the product protects the wearer,” said Mr Rajamäki.

Piippa reflector recommends testing prior to deployment. The reflector should be addressed in a dark car or torch lights from a distance of several meters.”If the safety vest does not return the light from the back, it is not visible to motorists.”

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