The Swedish motorcycle outfits are very much alive – Jofama

reflective vest

Halvarsson makes safe high-tech suits. Halvarsson manufactures Overalls, as well as Sweden, the UK and the Czech police’s reflective vest, and it constitutes a real safety uniform.

On the question of what it is right now the most interesting Swedish moottoripy√∂r√§asuvalmistajan supply, Jofama Country Manager Finland Mika Ruusila thinking for a long time, and notes that Lindstrand The bridge has just entered the market with a stylish and colorful intended for urban use asusarja, but to decide, however, that we’ll look at Halvarsson first high-tech series.

That dress is meant for people who are on the road for a living, and which is required by the employer to provide the best possible protection equipment for their users, says Ruusila.

Indestructible fabric?

The Swedish manufacturer has invested heavily in technology and the development of security and functionality as the Finnish Rukkakin.

The results also are shown. Company has been able to develop as if entering into the assembled fabric, which is then reinforced with a fabric or leather with the points where extreme durability is required, such as for example laahauduttaessa after the fall of the hard vauhdlla along the road surface.

Ajotakin the outer layer is color-coded safety carried out, and the outfit is both rainproof, breathable, reflective tape and also as a safe transport. The regulatory model is so heavy that it is specifically a “regular” civilian version normaalimotoristille.

Hi-Art fabric is so strong that, for example, Bike test group failed to break Halvarsson ajofarkkujen produced from the fabric after the extreme reading a ten-minute, hands-on event of an accident a few tens of seconds is sufficient.

Hi-Art fabric yarns of the fabric is bent outwards form the loops, wherein the rubbing friction is directed towards the ends of the fibers. It’s like a wood saw through anything: everyone knows that the direction of the fibers is PAJON more difficult to cut, and that is why it is so good abrasion resistance.

The stitches will eventually solve. Jofama used by the moisture of the garment inside out, but the wind thin film is Dry Way name, and uses the wearer’s body temperature to even out the same material as the Outlast Rukkakin.

Already in the 80s Halvarsson devotes itself strongly about wearing safety features and there dating back to the high-quality seams. Then they were two stitches across the board. Now the stitches are three strategic areas to demonstrate the quality and Ruusila presents Halvarsson leather dress, with top elevational view of the shoulder stitches barely sees. They are made from the inside to maximize resistance to abrasion.

The suit is only as strong as its strongest stitch, Ruusila claims. – If the stitches are poor, it can not, even if the sleeve would be how strong and durable leather or any other material. If it gets torn off, so it does not protect in any way.

Swedish costume manufacturers have been known for the fact that their uniforms Usability has always been a high level, and they are also packed with user-friendly innovations, such as the future Prime-coat accompanied by a small-sized safety vest, which is attached to both front and rear on the outside of the suit zippers. In this case, no safety vest and does not need to dress remained inactive since then separately clothed.

Jofama was founded in a small village in Malung in Dalarna in 1926. Have fun with the story is that the same Malung has been the center of the Swedish leather editing, and also, as well as Halvarson that Lindstrands have originally come from there.


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