Safe Traffic warns reflex trend

reflective vest

Most of us probably know that it’s smart to use a reflector. Still live many Norwegians dangerous in the dark. The entire 1.45 million of us dropper to use reflectors and blame bad time.

According to a new survey conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of the Road Safety and Sparebank1 Insurance. Seven out of ten believe that others are too poor to use reflex and physical counts of Road Safety show that only 32 percent of us actually use safety vest in the autumn darkness.

Several players launching reflex spray, and even though they know that the product does not provide enough reflective effect, marketers’ it wide both in stores and in social media. Road Safety encourages suppliers to be more honest in their marketing.

Lately several different reflex varieties aerosol become popular. The point is that this can be sprayed on everything from clothes, shoes and bags for bicycles and helmets. The idea is that it will serve as a more trendy and fun actions to be visible in traffic also in the evenings. Most are made so that they are invisible until they are hit by such as car headlights in the dark. But Road Safety warns against use only this kind of reflex.

Reflex Spray is a funny thing, but provides only about seven percent reflex effect. Reflex Spray should only be used in addition to the approved reflective tape or reflective vest. Reflex Spray alone is simply not enough to be visible in traffic.

We therefore encourage all suppliers to make it clear that the spray must be used in addition to the approved reflector, and not a substitute. It would be tragic if someone got hit because they think that they are visible enough with reflex spray coat. Reflex Spray washed too easy in the rain, says communications manager Ann-Kathrin Årøen in Road Safety.

Several clothing designers are now working to integrate reflex in clothing and accessories, and we will see more of this in future years. The challenge is to create reflective thread that has good enough reflective effect and also withstands washing and wear.

We are becoming better at exercise and healthy living, but dropper reflex in the dark. Reflex is a good life, and reduces the risk of being hit by 85 percent, says Årøen.

We fully agree with the Road Safety in the ordinary reflex piece or reflective tape is the most important use to be seen in traffic. Reflex spray is not a substitute but a good addition to the usual reflex – and allows larger areas you will be visible in the dark, such as for example the whole jacket or trousers, said information chief Rune Gutteberg Hansen.

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