Motorcycle accidents left 5,000 injured in three months

reflective vest

“I grabbed me around the head, which was filled with blood and then I remember nothing.”Words are the motorcyclist Luis Fernando Lopez Davila, 19, who last Wednesday was at the Trauma Hospital in La Uruca, San Jose, where he had made a suture in the head. He also hoped for an operation of the right collarbone fractured.

Only in the first quarter of this year, 4,946 motorcyclists injured came to that hospital; 738 more than in the same period of 2015.The INS spent more than ¢ 5,508 million in treatments and hospitalization of those injured, ie, more than ¢ 1 million each.The main lesions are served limbs and head.

In addition, until last May 13, the death toll reached 81 on a motorcycle, while in the same period last year were 52.Daredevils. For the director of the Traffic Police, Mario Calderon, disrespect to the signals and other indiscretions are the cause of the increase in the number of motorcyclists killed and injured on the road.Travelling without a helmet and reflective vest, exceed speed limits, driving without a license, zigzagging between cars and even talking on a cellphone while driving are some of the actions for which daily traffic punish these drivers.

“Any vehicle more than 60 kilometers per hour requires skill to stop it. So far this year, deaths from collisions with fixed objects tripled, reflecting inexperience, “explained Calderon.The official considered that another factor that induces the tracks are run promotions that offer stores selling bikes with payments 00 1.1 ¢ per day and with messages like “Do not stay in the dams”.”It is so true that always get faster; It may be that never comes, “he said.Other causes.

Rodrigo Montero, motorcycle driving instructor for seven years, said the increase in mishaps is no accident.In rural areas, as in La Pastora de Turrialba, it is common that some people traveling on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. “We have a tremendous oversupply by traders motorcycle and so on financing options, which qualifies almost anyone with supervisory order and little ability to pay,” he said.He added that in the country, culture, people are not taken seriously motorcycle driving. “The formal and technical options profound learning are scarce and many do not know or think they do not need them,” he said.

Juan Manuel Madriz, president of the Costa Rican Association of Recreational Motorcycling (Acomore), said that, by common sense, designed for protection equipment are used.”But more protected you walk, walk if doing crazy, no way not to be injured. If you handled calmly and traffic signs are respected, lower the chances of an accident, “he said.Madriz clamored for lower safety vest, boots, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads and other protective equipment for motorcyclists, in order to make them more accessible.

Three fronts. Transit director considered that motorcycle accidents must be counteracted from three fronts. The first is the driver. “Many say they learned to drive in an afternoon or hours; That is irresponsible, “said the hierarch.Others travel with lights off, on bikes that are in poor condition and without a license, he added.

In this regard, he advocated that the power afforded by the law to drivers licensed car driving motorcycles in backstreets is removed.he said, has to do with strengthening operational. He explained that in recent detents 815 motorcycles were seized in the Huetar Norte region Upala 46 and 30 in Desamparados.However, he stressed the urgency of more budget to cover the deficit of 1,100 officers have Transit.

The third flank, The other front has to do with legislation because Calderon felt that not only should be required to use a reflective tape, and protective equipment.

Ordeals. Two motorcycle accident affected by the harsh experiences narrated have to live. One is Ismael Peña Obando, 54, whose life took a violent turn after losing his left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2014, in San Carlos.Also, Alexander Baez Torrez, 39 and father three children, faces a difficult process after an accident in April. It was operated tibia and fibula. Now he says he does not want to touch a motorcycle.

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