What is the mandatory equipment it must have? What fine for its lack?

Many factors affect the safety of cyclists, ranging from the time of day and weather conditions. However, the most important thing is the behavior of the cyclists themselves, above all respecting the applicable rules and regulations of the road and the ability to anticipate dangerous situations. The behavior of other road users towards cyclists is equally important.

Mandatory bicycle equipment:

at the front – at least one white or selective yellow position lamp (there may be a flashing light),

at the rear – at least one red reflex reflector of a shape other than a triangle and at least one red position lamp,

at least one effective brake,

a reflective safety vest,

a bell or other warning signal with a non-piercing sound.

It was included in the ordinance of the minister of infrastructure on the technical conditions of vehicles and the scope of their necessary equipment (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2016, item 2022). The regulation was issued under the delegation contained in the Act – Road Traffic Law.

The tariff stipulates that for the lack of the required bicycle equipment, we may receive a fine for PLN 50 to 200.

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