The reflective vest for school transport

Mandatory since the start of the year, high visibility vests are hardly worn by the 3,500 pupils and students who use the school transport network. LTC intends to react well: announcements are planned in the coming days.


Have you met a student wearing an orange vest? Since the beginning of the year, middle and high school students using the school transport network managed by the Lannion-TrĂ©gor community must wear a high-visibility vest. And this, “throughout the journey from home to the establishment and vice versa, including inside the coach, throughout the school year, whatever the season or the visibility conditions: morning, noon and evening, even on a clear day”. And beware of the recalcitrant, specified LTC in October 2019: “If the college or high school student does not have his safety vest, the driver will still let him get on the bus, but he will take his name and a warning letter. will be addressed to parents. In the event of a repeat offense, penalties are provided for”.

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