For more safety on the way to school

The dark season has begun, but the first graders at Borndal School are a little safer on their way to school. Because recently all children in the first two grades received a safety vest that makes them visible in traffic even in the dark.

The west was paid for by the Borndal School’s development association, so Nina Eilert (chairwoman of the Borndal School’s development association) presented 54 safety vests to the acting school management, Ulrike Zeljko.

Parents were asked in advance to sensitize their children to the special topic of “road traffic” about the dark season.

Many girls and boys at the Borndal School make their daily way to school on foot or by bike or scooter. The headmistress Ulrike Zeljko is particularly pleased about this, as it gives the children additional opportunities to exercise in the fresh air. Nevertheless, the dangers should not be underestimated, especially in the dark.

While a child with a reflective satchel and shoes, light-colored clothing, and safety vests can be recognized by drivers from a distance of almost 100 meters, the visibility of a child in dark clothes is estimated at a distance of only 25 to 30 meters.

Ulrike Zeljko was pleased that the handover of the safety vests by the development association made the way to school safer, especially for the smallest and weakest participants in road traffic.

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