A cycling vest, to reflect on Christmas

Looking for bike gift ideas for Christmas? In December, it’s simple, the editorial of Weelz! until the 24th is: one day, an idea for a bicycle gift. For you. For your girlfriend who has just started cycling. For your uncle, who can’t hurt the cyclists. For the Raymond that you will soon become. A completely arbitrary selection, of gifts that we would like to see at the foot of the tree, or not. We did not set ourselves any limits. Some gifts have already been tested here, others are being tested. Others? We just saw them there and we found them very attractive.


Sunday, December 30: the cardigan, an essential accessory (?)

Yes, the cycling safety vest will be useful almost all year round. Especially if you have to ride at a little chilly times of the day. Not very thick, it will slip easily between your sweater and your jacket to add a small windproof layer. Often equipped with reflective elements, it will refine your visibility when the light has taken hold (in this case do not slip it under your jacket, CQFD). Whether you want to express your dissatisfaction or not, the good news, in 2021 the cycling vest does not have to be yellow. Here is a small selection that should satisfy all cyclists, whatever their practice.


Cycling vest with Raceviz

The Stelvio is a famous Italian pass. The Koppenberg, a Belgian summit. Yes, don’t laugh, there are mountains in Belgium. Short but dreaded climb on the Tour of Flanders: 11.6% on average with a passage of 22%, all on cobblestones. Raceviz is precisely a brand from the flat country. It offers bicycle products focused on high visibility (the same group also produces Wowow accessories ). We who are not big fans of neon were able to test in real conditions the Koppenberg vest, black color, and this famous ultra-reflective gray fabric on the shoulders in front and the lower back. The Hardknott or Rysy versions are also very successful. Unisex models. € 64.99 for the Stelvio cardigan,€ 79.95 for the Koppenberg vest.

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