It’s time for two wheels. Bicycles, Segway electric scooters, hoverboards, monowheel. To circulate, however, new rules are needed. In general, all cycles have been equated with bicycles, but this does not mean that you can go around without rules and on pavements, now you also risk fines.


But let’s proceed in order. To ride the scooters you must be at least 14 years old and up to 18 years old, it is mandatory to wear a helmet. Also, in the case of poor visibility, a reflective vest must be worn. Even if there is no need for approval, registration, insurance, and license plate. But there are rules to follow.


The scooter must not have a seat and must have a bell with the CE mark. As for the lights, however, they must be white or yellow and turn on after sunset. The red rear reflectors cannot be missing.


Two people can travel on scooters, neither people, nor objects, nor animals. It is also forbidden to be towed by other means.


The fines range from 50 to 400 euros and the motor cannot exceed 500 Watts.


Ready to go again? Obviously on two wheels.

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