Question for Sunday: what are you carrying in the car?

What do you need and what is worth carrying in the car? And in what condition do you keep the trunk?


If you read wise guides, it looks like you need to carry a real warehouse of things in the car. Some are obvious and obligatory, others will be useful to us once a Russian year ( 1 Russian year – 25 years ).


warning triangle – you know, it has to be

first aid kit – also, although it is usually rotten and useless

a fire extinguisher – I do, but it is out of date

spare bulbs – I have been taking them recently because the positional ones at the back are burned out, the small W5W ones, I take them to replace them if necessary

a reflective vest – this is what I always have with me, not only in the car. You don’t even know how many situations it comes in handy

brushes, ice scrapers, and lock defroster.

This is of course not the end of the list. There must be a jack, a wheel wrench, and some basic tools. And maybe some more liquids for refills. The one for the washer is for sure, and maybe an oil bubble, at least one liter. And a tow rope, because you never know. Water tap, the trunk will not be enough for us soon.

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