Increased game movement leads to accidents

“Animals don’t know any traffic rules, that’s why particular caution is required now,” emphasized the Goslar police. Especially at dawn or at dusk there is increased migration of game. Roe deer, stags, or wild boars are frequent and often in large numbers at this time. Difficult visibility and road conditions due to fog and rain would increase the risk of accidents involving wildlife.


The police give tips to prevent accidents with the game:


Reduce your speed and look out for warning signs for deer crossing.

Watch the edges of the road, especially in rural or wooded areas. The animals’ eyes reflect the light from the headlights.

A single animal is often followed by stragglers, so expect that.

Brake and honk when you see an animal, switch from high beam to low beam.

Always keep in mind that animals react unpredictably.

Further information in the event of an accident:


Secure the scene of the accident by switching on the hazard warning lights and setting up a warning triangle at a sufficient distance. Put on a reflective safety vest.

Notify the police immediately – even if the animal has fled.

The police or those authorized to hunt will issue you a certificate to settle the damage.

Document the damage with photos

Under no circumstances may you load the dead animal in the trunk and take it with you. This is criminal poaching.

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