The damaged vehicle can be marked with yellow flash launchers

yellow flash launchers

Since last day 1, a damaged vehicle can already be marked with a flashing yellow light, this being one of the modifications introduced by the Order of July 31.


It is included in Annex XI of the Vehicle Regulation the possibility of placing on the exterior of the vehicle, when it is immobilized on the road due to accident or breakdown, a yellow auto light device, with autonomous power supply, high visibility and that is stable on a flat surface. This new luminous device is included as an optional element, together with the existing danger triangle, which is still mandatory.


The new element improves the pre-signaling, avoiding what sometimes happens, the

accident by the scope with dire consequences for the driver of the damaged vehicle.


We take this opportunity to remember the provisions in case of immobilization of the vehicle due to damage or physical discomfort. If the vehicle is stopped on the road (and the shoulder is part of the road), the driver will turn on the fault light (all four turn signals). Then a reflective vest should be put on when you leave the vehicle on the interurban roads, with a fine of 200 euros for not doing so. In the city, it is not compulsory.


Immediately afterward, you must place the hazard warning signs 50 meters from the vehicle, one in front and one behind, except on the one-way roads that will only be placed behind, and must be visible from 100 meters. Not using such devices, or doing it improperly, carries a fine of 80 euros.


If you have the new lighting device, it is time to place it on the roof of the vehicle.

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