City councilor eyes law on reflective vests

A CITY councilor is pushing for an ordinance requiring all motorcycle users, including the driver and passengers, to wear reflective vests when traveling along Davao City’s roads especially at night time.


Councilor Jesus Joseph Zozobrado, on Tuesday during the regular session, said his proposed ordinance will provide an “additional blanket of security” for motorcycle drivers as this will allow the other motorists to see them at night.


“Motorcycle riders need to be visible if they want to be safe on the road and the best way to do that is to pass an ordinance that will make the wearing of fluorescent or high-visibility clothing part of their gear,” Zozobrado said during his privilege speech.


“We need to strictly regulate the use of motorcycles. After all, this is not just for our safety but primarily for the safety of the motorcycle driver and the rider,” he added.


The councilor presented data from the World Health Organization (WHO) wherein 1.25 million deaths are reported due to road crashes every year.


He also said that the WHO reported that 10,000 Filipinos die due to road crashes.


“Road crashes are the main cause of death globally, usually among people between ages 15-19 years,” Zozobrado said.


Although he said Davao City does not have an exact data of road crashes, he said the city shares similar incidents of road accidents, most of them involving motorcycles.


The councilor said motorcycle drivers who insert their vehicles in between slow-moving vehicles are one of the leading motorcycle accidents. This type of driving is prohibited by law.


He said that wearing a vest is not included in the Land Transportation Order Administrative Order No. AHS-2008-013.


The order includes the motorcycles to be registered, the use of license plates, and the rule of one back-rider.


Meanwhile, the Davao City Police Office–Traffic Group (DCPO-TG), recorded six cases in May and seven cases in June this year for reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.


While DCPO-TG registered 17 cases in May, and 16 in June for reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injury.

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