Why wearing reflectors should take a look at the instruction as well

There is no doubt that a reflector can protect against a traffic accident, injury, or even save a life. Nevertheless, often the light-reflecting element is hung, but it is not considered whether it is visible. This is why there are cases when it is still impossible to notice a person with a reflector in the dark.


There is more than one mistake that is made. For example, often a strip-shaped reflector is wrapped not on the arm or leg, as it should be, but on the handle of the backpack or handbag. Hanging reflectors on handbags and backpacks are also often hung in such a way that they hide, so these light-reflecting devices are not visible to car drivers. How pedestrians make mistakes There are times when people know how to hook a reflector correctly, but forget that it cannot be covered with various objects. This is especially common among students when, for example, a backpack with light-reflecting elements is covered by a sports bag without reflectors.


Danger also arises when a pedestrian walking on a country road wears a brightly colored vest with reflective elements but covers it with a backpack. It may be almost impossible for the driver of the oncoming vehicle to notice the person walking on the road, as only the edge of the vest can shine from under the backpack at best. There are cases when purchased vests, reflectors, are of poor quality and do not reflect light. Before buying such safety devices, it is suggested to make sure that they work. The easiest way is to use a flashlight to illuminate a reflector or a safety vest in a dark room, even if you are on the phone. This way it will be immediately clear if the light is reflected. If brightly colored vests that reflect light are used for a long time, are frequently washed, they will lose their properties over time. The same happens with trailed or worn reflectors that are affected by temperature changes, sunlight, precipitation. It would, therefore, be worthwhile replacing existing safety measures with new ones every few years.


Important and instructions for use It is important not only to have a reflector but also to use it properly. Pedestrians on the highway, if there is no sidewalk or footpath, must walk on the curb in front of the direction of travel. When walking on the highway on the left side of the road, the reflectors-strips should be worn on the right hand just above the wrist or the right foot below the knee. Suspended reflectors should be mounted so that they swing freely at the height of the car’s headlights. It is best to attach hanging reflectors to the outer garments on the right side. Those who want to take maximum care of their safety and visibility, in an unlit road, should wear not only reflectors, but also a vest, or carry a switched-on light, illuminate with a mobile phone flashlight. Moreover, it is advisable to wear a brightly colored vest even when you have to go on a country road during the day. After all, in autumn, when the weather conditions are constantly changing, even during daylight hours, it can be extremely unsafe.


It can also be difficult to spot a pedestrian during the day if heavy rain starts to form or thick fog forms. It is because of such threats that pedestrians should choose brighter clothing and avoid dark colors, as well as take care of a brightly colored vest. The latter will not reflect the headlights in the day as it does at night, but will certainly help to keep a pedestrian out of the environment, making it much easier for the driver to notice. The information was prepared in cooperation with the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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