Going on vacation to Croatia? Equipment you must not forget

If you are planning to go on holiday to Croatia this year, you should keep in mind that each country sets different mandatory equipment for your car.


If you go to Croatia by the shortest route, you will go through Austria and later through Slovenia. In contrast to mandatory equipment in the Czech Republic, the one in Austria includes a first-aid kit, which is also mandatory for bikers and must be in a package that prevents the ingress of dirt into its contents.


A reflective vest is only mandatory for motor vehicle drivers but is recommended for other crew members. The following colors are allowed: orange, yellow and red. If you have an on-board camera behind your car’s windshield, take it off while driving in Austria. They are forbidden here and you face a fine.


After crossing the border with Slovenia, prepare for the fact that a reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who gets out of a motor vehicle in an emergency. You are subject to penalties of up to 40 Euros. It is also not allowed to transport children under 12 years on a motorcycle or moped.


If you set out to Croatia on a longer route through Slovakia and Hungary, you should know that in Slovakia, a reflective vest┬áis mandatory for anyone who leaves a motor vehicle in an emergency, day and night. Restrictions on navigation and similar devices that must not be placed in the driver’s field of vision also apply.


In Hungary, be prepared that the rear position lamps must also be on for the daytime running lights and that it is only mandatory outside the cities. In Slovakia and Hungary, anyone who moves on low visibility communications is required to wear a reflective vest.


In Croatia alone, the driver is required to have a reflective vest for the driver, a ban on the carriage of children under 12 years in the front seats of the car, except children under two years, placed in a special “egg” have two triangles for a towed vehicle.

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