With the autumn weather, the risk of accidents increases

Almost overnight, it has become autumnal in many parts of Styria this week – and the cloudy and wet weather also brings increased risks on the roads with it. Above all, pedestrians are at risk. The police warns for increased caution.


The roads are wet and reflect, the visibility is poor, the road is slippery: That’s why up to two thirds of all traffic accidents happen with pedestrians in the fall and winter months.


Older people are also particularly at risk, as more than half of all pedestrians injured in traffic are older than 65 years


Pedestrians often bad and too late to see

In dusk and darkness pedestrians are often recognized late, the wet roads extend the braking distance. “Especially the changing road conditions have to be taken into account here – from the dry to the wet road and here to choose the speed accordingly,” says Christoph Grill of the Landespolizei Styria.


But even the pedestrians can do something to make sure they are seen as early as possible, Grill says: “Of course it makes sense now to wear this brighter time of year, when it gets darker, to wear brighter clothes with reflective fabric, also safety vests and reflective clothing.” Bears the pedestrian something reflective, the driver can see him from about 150 meters away, the pedestrian is dressed dark, it is usually only a few meters.


Tightening at the beginning of school

The danger is exacerbated from Monday, when in Styria, the school begins again in the: “First and foremost, it is necessary here to adapt the speed of the road conditions and traffic well, once again especially in the school to comply with the 30s zones and children to pay attention, “says Christoph Grill.


But anyone who wants to prevent accidents must be able to recognize dangers with all their senses, says Grill: “It also makes sense to omit headphones and mobile phones and focus primarily on road traffic.”

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