Reflection – hot or stupid?

The older we get, the less reflex. Hot or stupid? Read Eline’s judgment.


PULS COMMENTARY reflex is nothing new, but something everyone has been wearing before. We are all familiar with the term and why we should use it. Nevertheless, very few use it in practice. Most often you see the youngest have reflex from head to toe, but the older they get, the less reflex. Why is reflex considered stupid?


Much of the reason is perhaps how the reflex often looks. When we were young we wore yellow reflective vests, but as we got older and the look and clothes became more important, you might not want to light up the street with the biggest eye-catcher of a garment. So maybe the solution is to make reflex hot? Create garments and reflectors that make us want to be visible in traffic. Add a detail that prevents the black jacket from blending in with the darkness of night.


Reflective jackets and hats exist, but if one does not have it there is no excuse not to use reflective material. After all, motorists don’t think about wearing a fancy reflective jacket¬†or a vest as long as you think.


Judgment: Live with reflex rather than risk the opposite without.


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