Traffic will fine pedestrians without a vest on the shoulder

The Ourense society increasingly uses reflective garments when it comes to walking, especially at night, along the roadside, roads, and tracks, according to the provincial traffic chief, David Llorente, who recalls that a few years ago “I do not know I saw practically nobody with this type of clothes to be seen before the drivers “.


But the provincial head of Traffic is not satisfied, especially when so far this year a pedestrian died when walking by the OU-504, on its way through Loiro, without making use of any reflective material. Pretend that no person leaves home to walk, play sports or walk through an area enabled to drive vehicles, without making use of the vest. This Thursday began a campaign to avoid abuses. The initiative involves the distribution of 700 high visibility vests among pedestrians in the province, including pilgrims.


The campaign was announced in the Government Sub-delegation by its owner, Emilio Gonz├ílez Afonso, who was accompanied by David Llorente himself and the captain of the Traffic Subsector. “The objective is to promote the use of reflective elements, giving protection to pedestrians and vulnerable groups, such as cyclists and motorcyclists,” said Gonz├ílez Afonso, stressing that citizens when using a road on foot must “ensure that they are being seen by others.”


During the past year, 14 people lost their lives when they were run over by Galician roads, three of them in the province of Ourense.


So far this year, another six were killed by a car on Galician roads, one of them in Ourense. To avoid more deadly abuses, the Civil Guard will distribute 400 vests, while the Provincial Traffic Headquarters will deliver another 300 in the different talks that it is carrying out in social centers, schools, neighborhood associations, and social groups to sensitize the population with the sinister ones


David Llorente recalled that Traffic agents can punish pedestrians who do not use the garment on the road. In this regard, the captain of the Traffic Sub-sector stressed that it is not a matter of sanctioning anyone for the fact that “it is to protect pedestrians, not to go out on the road without making use of reflective clothing,” he said.

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