Would you drive a reflective vest in your car, even if it was not mandatory?

car reflective vest

Without a vest, don’t risk, experts agree.

Although the reflective vest is not always mandatory, experts warn them before they are thrown out of the car. Drivers should have them for their own safety in the car. And ideally not one, but another for the passenger. “If you do not want to risk your life or health due to reduced visibility in unpredictable situations, you should continue to drive the reflective vest, always within the driver’s reach. We recommend equipping the vehicle with vests for the passenger,” said Martin Bednar of Dekra. For the last eight years, the total number of road accidents has been growing every year and poor visibility is considered one of the main influences.


Dekra is engaged in road safety and has been organizing the Accident It Beginning project for several years to help young drivers explain the consequences of road accidents.  According to Bednar, the vest has a direct influence on the events immediately after the accident, because it minimizes the damage caused by traffic accidents, especially when the visibility is reduced outside the village.


Even according to Roman Budský of Vision, it is necessary to carry the vest in the car. You just have one in the car. However, drivers should be careful when traveling outside the Czech Republic. “When driving abroad, it is necessary to study the requirements of the road traffic regulations of the respective countries. For example, in Austria, Italy or France, not only drivers but all car occupants who have to get out of the car in the event of an accident, breakdown or incident, must wear a reflective vest with reflective tape,” he said.


And the Ministry and BESIP also appeal to the driver. “The Ministry of Transport and the BESIP Department recommends using reflective elements beyond the legal obligations. Even in a village where the speed of vehicles is lower, but it is in the interest of every driver and vehicle occupant to use a reflective material at any time in emergency situations,” said the spokesperson.


In practice, there is probably no driver who would not leave his village in his car. So people have to reckon with a situation where they will have to get off the road from the car outside the village and wear the vest. “The vest should be in the car. Nevertheless, the vest does not become a part of the mandatory equipment of the vehicle,” concluded Dlabola.

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