When should you give them priority?


In recent years, more and more people are switching to a bicycle, and unfortunately, not all participants of the movement are familiar with the rules – this applies to both cyclists and drivers.

Some cyclists can be accused of keeping a lot on the road. Adult people do not have to take any kind of exam to move their bike on the streets, but it is their duty to comply with traffic regulations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. On the other hand, it happens that drivers expose cyclists to danger, especially when they do not give them the right priority.Cyclists can put reflective materials on their bicycles

When do you need to give way?

Road traffic regulations state that the driver is obliged to give way to the cyclist always when “the driver turns into a crossroads (both right and left) and the cyclist goes straight ahead on the road, bike lane, bike path or another part of the road that the driver intends to leave. ”

Look for eye contact

When we plan to turn into a crossroad, at the same time crossing the potential path of bikes (e lanes for bicycles), we should look long before the turn to look in the mirrors and far to the front to locate cyclists coming from both sides. It is also important to clearly signal the intention of turning and speed reduction. Thanks to this, both the driver and the cyclist have a chance to notice each other and react accordingly. What’s next? – Directly before the turn, check the right-hand mirror and turn to the right to inspect the blind spot of our vehicle. In all potentially collision situations, we seek eye contact with the cyclist – then both parties are sure that they have noticed each other – they say trainers of the School of Safe Driving Renault.

The position of the side mirrors in the car is also important. The driver should see in them a fragment of the car’s outline. Thanks to this, he can make sure that there is no blind spot behind the rear pillars of the vehicle (a cyclist might be in it), which he would not be able to look at, turning his head away. So cyclists should wear reflective tape, whether on the hands, feet or on the body.

What can a cyclist do?

Safety is also greatly affected by the behavior of people riding bicycles. – Cyclists often forget that before entering a ride for cyclists, they should be careful, look around and slow down. If there is no such passage, and there is only a pedestrian crossing, one should get off the bike and carry it through the belts – says Newbie West, director of the School of Safe Driving Renault.

Cyclists should also ensure that drivers see them well, especially after dark. Then the lighting of the bicycle is a must (during the day the regulations require only a red reflector at the back), the reflective vest will not hurt either. Although it is not obligatory, it is also worth riding in a helmet Рin case of an accident, it can even save a life.

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