Police point to well visible clothing


In recent days, two pedestrians have been victims of a traffic accident. Both were caught crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing of a car and injured. Especially during the winter months, it is important that pedestrians are clearly visible.

During the twilight and the night, but also in fog, rain or snowfall darkly dressed persons are often overlooked by the motorized road users. This leads to avoidable traffic accidents. In a press release, the police ask pedestrians and cyclists to make themselves visible so as not to fall victim to a traffic accident.

Motor vehicle drivers are also on duty. If they adopt the speed to the light, sight and road conditions, driving ahead and are particularly careful in the area of pedestrian traffic, they can make a significant contribution to the prevention of traffic accidents.

Here are some tips from the Police Canton of Southern to pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle drivers:


  • Wear bright and reflective clothing or reflective vest. Also recommended are reflective tapes on the arms and legs as well as the attachment of sole flares
  • Never cross the road by surprise. Always make sure that they are seen by the vehicle driver before entering the pedestrian zone – look for eye contact
  • Prefer to renounce the right of priority rather than risking being overlooked and hit by a vehicle driver


  • Check lights and reflectors before each ride
  • Mount spoke reflectors
  • Wear reflective clothing or reflective vest
  • Drive ahead in order to recognize possible dangerous situations early on

Motor vehicle drivers

  • Adapt speed to light, visibility and road conditions
  • Drive ahead in order to recognize possible dangerous situations early on
  • Switch on dipped beam early. Daytime running lights are not enough at night, in poor visibility and in tunnels. The daytime running lights usually do not light the tail lights.
  • Keep all windows clean, completely free from ice and snow to ensure a good all-around visibility
  • Exercise caution in the area of pedestrians, reduce speed if necessary and prepare for braking.

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