What are safety vests and why are they needed?


Safety vests are needed and used in various areas. Be it in the field of construction sites, on the grounds of airports or port facilities, in hunting or in the training of machines, such as those used in agriculture and forestry. And last but not least, there should be at least one safety vest in every car.

A safety vest should cause one thing above all else. Better recognizable. This is achieved by using two components. In daylight, the Illuminati color enhances the sunlight. Especially at dusk or in bad weather, this effect is particularly strong to observe. In the darkness, the attached reflector for attention. Since June 2013, the standards EN ISO 20471 and EN 1150 exist. These prescribe, among other things, how and in what size reflective tapes must be present. This can be read on the specialist pages of Arbitrariness Nigel. While the requirements of EN 1150 apply primarily in private use, in the commercial sector, safety vests must meet the EN ISO 20471 standard.

Which safety vest is right for me?

First and foremost, before purchasing a safety vest, it should be clarified for which area the safety vest is needed. Because the above standard is divided into three classes. Class 3 is the highest and Class 1 the lowest security level. The classification depends on the area of the reflective tapes and reflective fabric. When purchasing, it should be ensured that the vest meets the internationally recognized standard according to EN ISO 20471. Then you can also be sure that the safety vest in addition to the requirements for better visibility also has good durability and tear resistance.

Safety vests in the car

Since 1 July 2014, all motor vehicles used on public roads must carry at least one safety vest. Anyone who violates this obligation to carry must expect a warning fee in the amount of 15 EUR. However, the duty of the carriage does not exist. The legislator refers here to “the self-responsible action of road users.” This means that at least one safety vest must be present per motor vehicle. The responsibility for when this is carried is transferred to the respective road users.

How should life jackets be stored?

Often, safety vests are hung over the seats. However, it should be noted that the safety vest may lose its fluorescence properties if the fibers of the safety vest are constantly exposed to solar radiation. Thus, the safety vest loses part of its effect. In a traffic accident, this type of storage may also affect the efficiency of the airbag installed in the seat backrests. It is better to keep the vests there, where they are easily accessible and can not cause any loss of effectiveness of the airbag. The trunk is a popular, but not an ideal storage place. Because it is important that you do not have to get out first, in order to be able to put on the safety vest.

Safety vests in the trade

For persons who are involved in the construction and cleaning of roads, for example, they are required by law to wear eye-catching warning clothing that complies with the EN ISO 20471 standard when working outside a walkway or barrier. Contrary to expectations, this is not regulated by the legislature but by the employers’ liability insurance associations. These have set up an accident prevention regulation, which prescribes the said duty to carry. This also contains regulations that for commercial mufti-lane motor vehicles at least one vest for the driver must be carried. For vehicles that are regularly staffed with passengers, must also be available for this corresponding many safety vests. A breach of carrying or using safety vests is according to the accident prevention regulation an administrative offense in the sense of the social code and can be punished with a fine by the professional association. According to statistics, accidents have been reduced by 39% in Austria until 2010, after four years of use, due to lack of visibility in bad weather or darkness. These results should also form the basis for a uniform Europe-wide regulation.

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