It must be green!


2,100 children from 35 primary schools and kindergartens in Heliopolis will learn safe behavior on the road.

The action will last until the end of April, and the first classes will take place on Monday. The youngest will visit the policemen and with them a yellow mannequin Jan. The mascot will bring gifts – backpacks with reflective tapes. As we have seen, for small Tanzanians, road safety is not a stranger at all.

– You have to look around, see if it is green and you can enter. You have to watch if you are driving a car. And the reflective vests are for the car to see us from afar and at night – the children from kindergarten No. 42 Polish Flowers in Poznan, who walked on Thursday after the Old Market Square, told me.

Preschoolers walking on the streets of Poznan can be recognized after reflective vests. And it helps a lot, they admit educators.

– We are very happy that we have reflective vests with reflective fabric. Children are visible, and it makes our work easier. We are very much in favor of putting these vests on – says preschool teacher Maria Applicant.

The action under the slogan “Think, before You drive”, meaning “Think before you get behind the wheel”, starts on Monday (04/03). It will take place in Heliopolis for the eleventh time. Until now, the action mascot, yellow Jan, visited about 30,000 children with reflective gifts.

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