Policemen in the Ostrava region waded on pedestrians


Another action aimed at the visibility of pedestrians was carried out by the Moravian-Silesian police these days. They checked the reflective materials that must be housed in clearly defined cases.

“If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place which is not illuminated by public lighting, he shall be obliged to wear retro-reflective vests positioned so as to be visible to other road users,”¬†said Daniela from the Moravian-Silesian police.

Outside the village and under reduced visibility, the police checked nearly 200 pedestrians, six of whom had no mandatory reflective elements. “We solved the three misdemeanors on the spot in the command procedure and the other three informed the relevant municipal authorities,” added Daniela, according to which it is appropriate for people to use reflections in the municipalities.

“For example, at night, at dusk, at dawn, during heavy rain, snowfall, and the like. Reflective elements(like reflective tapes, reflective clothing with reflective fabric)¬†increase light contrast to the background and mainly extend pedestrian visibility to 200 meters, “Daniela explained. Similar actions have already been carried out by several police officers, others can be expected to follow.

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