Reflectors in Winter: Bright life savers for children


Especially in the dark season children are at risk in traffic. With the right clothes and equipment, you can avoid accidents on the way to school. Our tips to increase visibility in traffic.

“Especially in the fall and winter months accidents happened more often to the little ones. However, many dangerous situations and accidents would be relatively easy to avoid,” says TÜV Rhineland.

Lack of visibility leads to path accidents, especially at dusk and in the dark. The particularly accident-critical time between 7 and 8 o’clock in the morning and between 16 and 18 o’clock. “Children are seen worse,” says Julia Frohman of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). The risk of accidents increases when snow, rain, and backlighting worsens the sight of motorists. Parents could easily find a remedy.

Safety on the walk

“Parents should always have their children in mind,” says Julia Lehmann. Especially first-graders is particularly vulnerable, since on the one hand by their height even do not have the required overview, on the other hand also be noticed worse. “Children of this age often still unpredictable and their response is poor.” The ADAC points out. Especially when the little ones have to master their way to school in the dark for the first time. If the parents cannot accompany the children to school, this task can be done by other adults or older children.

Visibility in traffic

With reflective clothing, children are visible in the dark up to 40 meters, in dark clothing, however, only up to 25 meters. If a car has to brake at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the braking distance alone is around 28 meters. Therefore, the earliest possible visibility in traffic is extremely important. Colorful clothes seem more striking than monochrome, advises Württemberg insurance. Not only children and pedestrians but also joggers and cyclists are often overlooked in the dark season. Particularly suitable is eye-catching clothing, such as neon colors, pink or yellow.

Reflectors increase visibility

Who does not know her from his school days? ABC shooters or kindergartens receive small colorful reflective tapes that they can tie to their satchels or to clothing. Meanwhile, there are a variety of animals and cartoon characters and colors of these reflectors. In the spotlight of oncoming cars, these reflectors are already widely visible.

Visible clothing

In the dark season come again the bright neon-colored safety vests are used. They made of breathable and lightweight materials and can be easily pulled over the normal jackets. Visibility is increased enormously with safety vests, even at a distance of 140 meters. These can be perceived by motorists. The important time to slow down and prevent an accident.

“In addition to the safety, vests can also be tightened bands and sashes. The surface of the reflective material, however, should not fall below 15 square centimeters,” warns the TÜV Rhineland. Otherwise, the luminosity is not big enough. In specialized shops and the Internet, LED bulbs with reflectors can also be purchased, which can be attached to the backs of shoes with a clip and thus bring even more attention

Safe locomotion

“Anyway, a roadworthy bike should have reflectors on the spokes, so-called cat’s eyes, as well as reflectors on the pedals,” says Julia Frohman from the German Traffic Safety Council. “And with a bell to be heard better.” In the meantime, there are also bicycles, the additional rear reflection strips and thus increase, the security additionally. “Small children should also use the sidewalk with their bicycles, especially in the dark season.” Headlamps, worn on the helmet or on the head, also generated more attention to oncoming vehicles due to the cyclist’s movement.

In addition, the LED lamp could often be switched to the flashing mode and so additionally noticed earlier. More and more children are using scooters as well as bicycles, which offer less space for reflectors. “But visibility can be increased by using LED lamps that are attached to the front panel,” advises Frohman. Some scooter manufacturers already have integrated light, and some have side LEDs and reflectors on the wheels.

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