Children loudly attract attention


With the “Do you see me” campaign, students on Friday called on motorists to slow down.

A large poster with the inscription “Can you see me?” was held by the pupils of the elementary school on Friday morning at the roadside. Dressed in bright yellow safety vests, they alerted the motorists who drove by their school to turn off the gas. 30km / h you can drive their maximum. Supported by police and traffic educator Schmidt on the megaphone called about 50 children therefore loud “slower” and “down from the gas”.

The primary school took part in the action “See me” with the students in the first and third grade on Friday. Citywide, there were 19 elementary schools at 22 locations and 44-daycare centers, which took part in front of their buildings to “Can you see me?”. Also in the neighboring cities, the action took place this week.

The pupils were supported by the children, educators, and parents of the nearby Kita Sunflower. The two- to four-year-olds – of course in bright yellow safety vests – had brought a big banner to draw attention to themselves and the action. “The topic was also discussed with the youngest in the day care center,” said Denise from the parents’ council.

Also in the elementary school, road safety is regularly on the timetable. “It’s important to wear light-colored clothing,” Lea from Class 1a emphasized, wearing a bright turquoise jacket and girlfriend Theresa, who wore a light pink jacket under her safety vest with reflective materials. Vests are provided to schools every year by the ADAC Foundation.

Light clothing is very important in winter

“In class, the children had many ideas on how to protect themselves,” said teacher Stamen. In addition to bright clothes are flashing shoes or reflective tapes on jacket and knapsack.

On Friday morning, cars drove without exception slowly past the clapping and waving children. Anyone who had to stop at the pedestrian light was handed an information leaflet through the window, which informed about the action: “At the point where you come to a stop at 30 km / h just in front of me, when I walk into the street, you have not braked at 50 km / h and drive me – dead sure. “Statistically die in an impact at 50 km/height out of ten pedestrians.

Addressed motorists see the action consistently positive. “That’s a very important thing. I have a grandson in school myself, “emphasized Bernhard Herder and thanked Elaine from the 3a, who handed him a note through the window.

Whether the effect on the motorists continues beyond the day of the action is difficult to measure, explains police spokesman Michael Borsch. But you have to hope for that in prevention – in the minds of children, drivers and parents. One has to realize that an impact at 50 kilometers per hour can be fatal to a child.

In Solingen, 41 children died in road traffic last year, fortunately without any fatal consequences. The evaluation of children’s accidents show that children are often overtaxed in traffic, parked vehicles obstruct their view. In addition, they often cannot properly estimate the speeds and distances of vehicles.

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