Policemen warned of a dangerous stop


The police officers have focused on the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians in recent days.

According to the police spokesmen, they handed out reflective materials to selected places. “Children got reflective tapes, drivers got reflective vests and seniors got bags with reflective elements. Most of these materials were handed out by policemen, “the spokeswoman said, as the walkers are almost invisible in dark clothes.

Very often traffic police in a traffic accident hear that the pedestrian-driver has not seen or seen it until the last minute. “It is not worth discussing the cause of the accident, but it still remains a matter of consequences. In the accident, unfortunately, the consequences are unfortunately very tragic for pedestrians, “explains John.

The rules for pedestrian traffic on roads are governed by the Act on Road Traffic. The pedestrian has to use the pavement in particular, and where the pavement is not, he walks to the left or as close as possible to the left edge of the pavement.

However, police officers also checked other traffic failures. “In particular, it is the use of belts and the holding of speech devices while driving and using directional lights when going out of a roundabout,” the police spokesman explained. Over the afternoon, they checked more than 100 vehicles. Twenty-eight drivers committed a misdemeanor, with the exception of one being solved by the police on the spot by imposing a fine in the order. In three cases, the maximum permitted speed was exceeded, in seven cases it was a poor technical condition of the vehicles. “Six drivers and their co-drivers did not use the seat belts. In addition, one chauffeur drove under the influence of alcohol, breathed into one of alcohol, “John added.

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