The function of the safety vest


Safety vest is more and more popular, but some people do not know why.

Now let us learn something about safety vest’s property and function. And why safety vest and reflective materials can bring great benefits to people in both life and work.

Reflective vests are used as safety warning protection equipment. They are made of mesh cloth and ordinary plain cloth. The important element is the reflective material: reflective PVC tape or high reflective stripes. The reflective PVC tape is the use of micro-lattice lattice to generate refraction. As well as the high reflective stripes are use of the principle of glass beads return light reflection. The reflective vest made by the process can reflect the light directly from the distant place back to the luminous place. Especially in the evening, the same visibility as during the day can be achieved. It is easy to be seen by the driver who are driving the vehicle in the dark light of the night.

So Reflective vests play a safety and warning role at night or in special weather conditions. It is widely used in daily tasks, traffic police to perform tasks, including airports, parking lots, ambulances, sanitation, shipbuilding, oil, and so on. As the Reflective vest’s particularity, so even if it is worn during the day, it will become a clear warning and symbol.

And about the safety vest, there are some certificate and test. Such us OEKO-TEX certificate.

The certification could assure the quality of the safety vest and the reflective tape.

So when you buy the safety vest, you had better buy the ones which have certification.

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