A yellow vest for walkers during the hunting season?


While hunting accidents have increased in recent times, the question of wearing the yellow reflective vest for walkers in the forest is back in force.

Cyclists, mushroom pickers, simple walkers… will they soon wear the yellow vest with silver reflective tape to walk in the forest? The question may arise after the various hunting accidents that have occurred in recent weeks.

Serial accidents

First, there was a seriously injured girl because it was taken for a pheasant in September, then the cyclist shot by a man believing to shoot a big game on October 14, and finally, surfers caught in Brittany. In all, 5 fatal accidents and 31 bodily injuries have been deployed since July 1, according to the ONCFS (National Observatory of Hunting and Wildlife).

Compulsory vest

So that François, minister of ecological transition, summoned the hunting community to generalize “good practices”. But for the mayor of Jersey, this remonstrance was surely not enough. In a municipal bylaw released last week, it forces mushroom collectors to wear a fluorescent vest with the reflective fabric to be visible to hunters.

It remains to be seen whether other municipalities will implement this measure. As for the Gironde, it is the first department in the number of hunters.

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