Safe students in “8”


In the Opolskie Voivodeship, the inauguration of the campaign took place on 19 October 2018 at Public Primary School No. 8, where representatives of the campaign organizer, policemen, firemen, and municipal guards met with the youth.

Opening the meeting, the school’s director, Lucian Boca, recalled the words of the outstanding doctor, pedagogue, writer, social activist – Janis Kolchak, who said that “There are times when children have to be alone – face challenges and threats themselves”. The director emphasized that “most often these are situations on roads and streets. Therefore, we all unanimously admit that health and life are the most valuable values that we should respect and which we should particularly care for. ”

Safety issues in road traffic, especially now that the darkness gets faster and the sun rises later and later, were the subject of conversation between students and the Juvenile Police Assistant at the Police Headquarters, younger aspirant Magdalena, who along with the Head of the Prevention Department, commissioner Roman and Krzysztof, the commander of the Brest City Guard, checked the students’ knowledge of behavior on the road, especially when crossing the street. Mr. Gregory, the representative of the National Day of Life Foundation, proved how much on the issue of being visible on the road changes the wearing of a special safety vest. Sympathetic Jack, the mascot of the campaign, shared with students his experiences associated with wearing a reflective vest, while Mr. Tomasz, Deputy Mayor, argued that safety is always in fashion and a reflective vest is not something to be ashamed of, just the opposite.

In every student’s hand, a reflective vest with the reflective fabric¬†was found, the wearing of which will help to be visible on the road after dark, and consequently will increase safety, regardless of whether we are going to walk on a bicycle or on foot.

In the end, Captain Tomasz from the State Fire Service made young people sensitive to how to behave on the road when the so-called siren of a privileged vehicle.

Friday’s meeting provided students not only with the knowledge necessary to move safely on the roads but also with tools (like reflective vests with reflective tapes, reflective helmets)to become visible to passing vehicles.

You can talk about security in various ways. The National Day of Life Foundation and Public Primary School No. 8 together with the uniformed services proved on Friday that important matters, responsibility for yourself and others can be spoken in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, which was immortalized on commemorative photographs on which pupils posed in waistcoats reflective and with wide smiles.

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