Police officers taught children the principles of security


Neighborhood and prophylactics as part of the activities carried out by the police headquarters under the name “safe way to school” conducted another lesson for children from the kindergarten regarding road safety. The aim of these activities is to learn proper behaviors in road traffic and to realize how important it is to wear reflective vests. The children practiced walking through the street during classes and answered questions prepared by police officers. As a reward for improving their safety, they were equipped with uninformed in reflective vests.


Left, right and left again… only when we cross the street and only in the marked place reminded preschoolers of the district, during the lesson on road safety. Five and six-year-olds from kindergarten took part in an educational talk they had. Preschoolers learned proper behavior at the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. The police explained to the dozens of people an important rule to “look at both sides of the green”.


The officers explained why it is so important to apply the rules of the road and what dangers lurk for pedestrians and cyclists who disregard road rules. The children also got to know the elements of the policeman’s uniform equipment. After the theoretical part, preschoolers practiced their skills by showing and telling the neighborhood how they cross the road, and reflective vests with reflective tapes were the reward for their involvement. The police explained that the reflective materials are and what they are used for, and in what places on the clothes it is best to wear them. The children could see in the “magic tube” as the walking pedestrian is visible when the reflector is put on. In the end, all willing children could sit behind the wheel of a police squad car, which was incredibly fun for “small traffic participants”.


In the end, the children, thanks for the educational, happy meeting, sang the song and gave thanks to the policemen, inviting them to another chat.

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