How To Get Into Schools Safely?


The new school year has already begun, and the children cross the streets every morning. Teach your schoolchildren that he must be attentive when traveling to school, and more when crossing the road. We have some tips for you to insure your safe trip to school.


The basic rule for safe travel anywhere is to set off on time and not to do everything at the last minute. Wake up early enough to get breakfast and go to school. Hurrying only leads to the fact that the schoolboy forgets something at home, returns, and you are even more stressed in order not to come to school late. And one more recommendation, prepare your school backpack every day in advance, avoid searching for the last minute aid.


Show your child a warning sign which is made of reflective material

Morning getting up is challenging for kids, and even though the schoolchildren are all prepared, they will not be able to take a good look and often go to school. It is necessary for parents to encourage their children to be alert. As the autumn advances, it will start to dawn later. Children should be clearly visible on the way to school or kindergarten, and they should have some reflective element. This also applies to the child you are driving in person.


The smallest is the ideal reflective vest or collar. Both reflective accessories are well visible for a long distance. In particular, in reduced visibility or in dim light, they extend the distance to which the child can be seen several times.


Older schoolchildren, rather than a jacket, will appreciate the reflective cover that they can drag over their school backpack. Whether walking on foot or going to school, it will be clearly visible even in the dark. Besides the cover on the bag, the reflective tape around the hand is also suitable. There are also ribbons that have LEDs with blinking or just light. Even though children are clearly visible on the road, the driver must have eyes on the pedestals in the early morning drive.


Do you drive kids to school?

If you are taking your children to school by car, remember that when the child does not measure 150 centimeters or weighs 36 kilos, it must be tethered in a suitable car seat or seat cushion. Do not underestimate the choice of seats and have the advice of specialist shops. Always be aware of the safety of your branches, which is a priority.


Therefore, even on short journeys, perhaps when transporting children from home to school, place the child in a car seat or chair. Also, with the beginning of the school year, police checks are increasing, so be prepared for them.

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