Driving safe with helmet and reflective vest

helmet and reflective vest

The motorcycle control operation “Aurora” closed its third year of implementation where more than 260 thousand motorcycles were operated. Canelones is one of the departments that carried out the most controls with a total of 39,679 inspected. All of them equip the safety kits.


Three years passed since that March 15 when Minister Bonhomie gave the game to the motorcycle control operations Aurora. In principle, it was carried out in Montevideo, by the Efate itself, to which the National Directorate of the Republican Guard and the National Directorate of Traffic Police were added. This operation was implemented in response to a criminal situation that the birr dados use to commit illicit acts such as robbery and robbery, as well as drug trafficking.


In the framework of these controls, the Police conducted 48,664 operations involving 267,957 motorcycles and mopeds, of which 12,629 of them were seized. In addition, 2,163 people were arrested for different irregularities when driving, either due to lack of documentation of the birr dado, for not having authorization, not being in conditions, for contravening the traffic regulations, or because the vehicle -or the person- presented a request judicial. Thanks to these controls, 429 motorcycles that had been stolen were recovered and 2,457 were returned to their owners, while another 7,023 motorcycles are in police depots.


In these operations, spirometric controls are also carried out on drivers, where the number performed was 23,301, while 2,155 showed positive values. The Headquarters that controls the most is the Canelones. In these 3 years of implementation, the Canarias Police in safety clothing conducted 3586 operations where it controlled 32,498 motorcycles and mopeds. Of those, 1,519 were seized while 126 people were brought before the courts in this period. They performed 415 spirometric tests, where 70 had positive values.


In addition, 32 motorcycles that were stolen and 863 were returned to their owners were recovered. The Chief of Police, Oswald Molinari told UNICOM that the operations are being considered according to an analysis of the conflict and crimes in each area of ​​the department. “It is aimed primarily at motorcycles since they are one of the most stolen and used to commit the illicit elements,” he said.


In this sense, the driving of the birr dados is controlled, for this; they record the documentation of the vehicle and the person, who do not have a request. In that department, Aurora motorcycle controls are carried out by personnel from the Patrolling Response Unit (URPC), the Tactical Response Group (GRT), the Traffic Brigade and the sectionals.


On the other hand, Molinari added that there is a lot of emphasis on the accident rate, so the driving safety part is controlled so that it circulates with helmets and a reflective vest.

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