The traffic-controlled teacher will receive help from the Muni

Although they had told him that: there were no inspectors, after the dissemination of the case, from Transit they guaranteed that they would be operational during the school’s entry and exit times.


The principal of School 293 may stop using the reflective vest and whistle to handle traffic and prevent children from taking risks. After LM exposed the extreme measure that Monica Geraldo had to adopt to guarantee the safe access of her students, the Municipality promised to send inspectors from the area both during the entrance and exit times.


The director stopped on Street to order the passage of the cars after a child was miraculously saved from being run over in the morning shift, when it is still very dark. Alarmed by the lack of answers, the parents took advantage of the teacher’s predisposition, made a collection, and bought the reflective tape. In addition, some neighbors contributed cones to mount the same scenario as in any other primary.


The next step was to publicize the situation, and there they found revenue. According to what Geraldo had said, from Transit they had excused themselves from sending staff because of the shortage of agents and because in the block of the school there are donkey loins. In addition, they had even asked them to ask for collaboration in the police station 32, located a few blocks away.


Yesterday, after the dissemination of the story, the Secretary of Government, Diego, held a meeting with the director of the educational establishment of Santa Cruz and guaranteed the provision of the safety vest that is already provided in the vast majority of schools of the urban area.

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